Three Season Sunrooms

Three Season Sunrooms and Solariums

Details:  Three Season Sunrooms and Solariums have most of the benefits of Four Season rooms at a fraction of the cost.  Low cost is the main reason they’re so popular.  They can be built on existing decks and patios.  They can be built without kneewalls or with privacy panels on gable ends.

Commom Usage:  Three Season Sunrooms are commonly used for three and a half seasons (10.5 months).   You’ll have a relaxing place to reduce stress, entertain friends and family, soak in your hot tub, host social events, birthdays, holiday entertaining, play your instrument or just cozy up to a good book or podcast.  Three Season Sunrooms are also used to extend the growing season for home gardeners.

Construction:  PVC and Aluminum Construction.  Straight or curved glass.  The construction is designed to be maintenance-free so there is no need to paint, stain or annually maintain your sunroom.

Options:  Acrylic, Polycarb with Heat-Guard and other high-tech features.

Pros:  Costs much less than four season rooms with almost all the benefits for four season rooms.  The three season addition is not considered a permanent addition to your home, thus not subject to increased taxes in most provinces (please verify in your province).

Enjoy lower heating and cooling costs since it is a seasonal room.  Depending on your flooring, three season rooms can often be used for three-and-a-half seasons meaning they are used for 10.5 months of the year.

Acrylic glazing is rated better than glass for insulating factors.  Even single glazing acrylic won’t fog up as glass windows do on cold evenings.

Can be built on existing patios.  However, existing decks may be altered to meet codes.  New or insulated decks can be supplied.

The build time is 4-5 days on an existing deck.  2 weeks for a new deck and build.

Cons:  Not insulated the same way as a four season room so it can’t be used year-round.

Price Range:  Three Season Rooms are very reasonably priced.  They often range from $20000 – $55000 with the average price coming in below $32000.

Roof Types (Eave) and Sunroom Shapes

Plan the sunroom shape you feel best matches your wishes and the character of your home.

Sunroom Layouts - Curved Eave - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Gable - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Sq Eave - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Edwardian - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Custom - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Lean To - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Victorian - Capital Sunrooms

Features and Benefits of Three-Season Rooms

Relax Under The Sun and Stars

Sunshine without UVA and UVB
  • Enjoy sunshine with protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Protection from pollen
  • Outdoor enjoyment with indoor protection

Enjoy Your Backyard Privacy

curved eave privacy
  • Tinted Glass or Acrylic Panels provide privacy during the day
  • Still enjoy seeing the sun and stars
  • For those wanting more privacy from close neighbours, opaque options for gable ends are available as well

Extend The Outdoor Season

Extend the outdoor season
  • Three season rooms can be used earlier in the Spring and later in the Fall allowing the benefit of more sun exposure.

Increase Your Living Space

Increase Your Living Space with a sunroom
  • With a three season room, you could have extra living space for up to three and a half seasons, comfortably.

Create a Greenhouse Environment

Greenhouse Effect
  • Grow organic vegetables and herbs almost year round (3 season room)

Protect Yourself From Harmful Pests

No Ticks, No Mosquitos
  • Protection from insects carrying disease
  • Protection from Stings and bites
  • Enjoyment of outdoor meals and drinks free of flies and wasps
  • Enjoy outdoors after sundown without mosquito.

Increase Your Property Resale Value

Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Your Sunroom / Solarium becomes the highlight of your home
  • Zero maintenance
  • No additional costs
  • Make “Staycations” an attractive option
  • Washington Journal reports that a solarium or greenhouse addition to a home typically returns 108% on the homeowners investment.

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