Four Season Sunrooms

Four Season Sunrooms and Solariums

Details:  Four Season Sunrooms and Solariums (commonly called “Conservatories”) are designed for year-round enjoyment.  They’re planned and installed to match the architectural style of your home.

Common Usage:  Regardless of the season, you’ll have a relaxing place to reduce stress, entertain friends and family, soak in your hot tub, host social events, birthdays, holiday entertaining, play your instrument or just cozy up to a good book or podcast.  Four season rooms allow for year-round sunlight exposure.

Construction:  PVC and aluminum construction with straight or curved glass.  The construction is designed to be maintenance-free so there is no need to paint, stain or annually maintain your sunroom.

Options:  Heat mirror glass, Solarban60, Polycarb with heat-guard and other high-tech features.  With a Four Season room, you can remove the existing house wall to allow the room to be a common part of the home.

Pros:  Permanent addition to your house and highest Return-On-Investment (ROI).  Can be used year-round and permanently expands the area and enjoyment of your living space regardless of the season.  Designed to match the architecture of your home.  Most impressive option – guaranteed to have your neighbours talking.

Cons:  There are no cons.

Price Range:  Four Season Rooms range in at $70K – $100K+.  The average installed price is $85K.

Four Season Roof Types (Eave) and Sunroom Shapes

Choose the four-season sunroom shape you feel best matches your wishes and the character of your home.

Sunroom Layouts - Curved Eave - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Gable - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Sq Eave - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Edwardian - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Custom - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Lean To - Capital Sunrooms
Sunroom Layouts - Victorian - Capital Sunrooms

Features and Benefits of Four-Season Rooms

Relax Under The Sun and Stars Regardless of the Season

Sunshine without UVA and UVB
  • Enjoy sunshine with protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Protection from pollen.
  • Outdoor enjoyment with indoor protection.

Enjoy Your Backyard Privacy

Opaque options available
  • Tinted Glass or Acrylic Panels provide privacy during the day.
  • Still enjoy seeing the sun and stars.

Extend The Outdoor Season

Extend your sunroom season
  • Four season rooms can be used all year round.

Increase Your Living Space

Increased Living Space
  • With a four season room, you’ll have extra living space in your home, all year round.

Create a Greenhouse Environment

Greenhouse Effect
  • Grow organic vegetables and herbs year round.
  • No need to pack up your garden before each winter.

Protect Yourself From Harmful Pests

No Ticks, No Mosquitos
  • Protection from insects carrying disease.
  • Protection from Stings and bites.
  • Enjoyment of outdoor meals and drinks free of flies and wasps.
  • Enjoy outdoors after sundown without annoying mosquitos.

Increase Your Property Resale Value

Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Your Sunroom / Solarium becomes the highlight of your home.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • No additional costs.
  • Make “Staycations” an attractive option.
  • Washington Journal reports that a solarium or greenhouse addition to a home typically returns 108% on the homeowners investment.

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