Solid Roof to Transparent Roof

Do You Want a Sunroom or an Addition?

Avoid one of the mistakes people make when they build a sunroom.  They build an addition to their home with a solid roof and plenty of windows.  What happens in this case results in a room that’s bright, but darkens the rest of the house because of the addition of a solid roof.  With a real sunroom addition, the room has a transparent or semi-transparent roof that allows light to come through.  This will allow the rest of your home to remain bright and not end up with “cave lighting” during the day.


That’s The Story Here

This sunroom was an insurance repair job.  The original room idea was to have a sunroom that will allow for plenty of light.  The room was installed with a solid roof resulting in the darkening of the rest of the home.  To correct the problem of the dark room, the couple installed a skylight in the kitchen to compensate for the loss of sunlight.  They lived like this for decades.  

One day a storm came through with heavy winds.  A tree was pushed over and fell onto the roof of the sunroom, causing irreparable damage.  We were called by an insurance repair firm to replace the sunroom (The previous company was no longer in business).  We offered our product and the couple couldn’t wait for a transparent roof to solve the dark home problem.  

Once installed, the couple were ecstatic with the increase in light and year-round enjoyment of their sunroom.  

Here’s the video of the installation process.  We started late in the season but were ready for Christmas!


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