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The simple process describing the steps to easily get your sunroom, is described below.

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Steps To Get Your New Sunroom:

Decide on the type of sunroom you want.

Choose the type of sunroom you prefer

Choose between a:

Decide on the shape of your sunroom.

Choose the shape of sunroom you prefer
  • Square Eave
  • Curved Eave
  • Lean To
  • Custom
  • Gable
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Patio Cover

Think about the placement of your sunroom.

Think about where you'd like your sunroom installed

Decide on the wall you want your sunroom attached.

Consider the size of the sunroom you want.

Consider the direction your new sunroom will face (North, East, West or South).  We’ll help you choose options that will make your sunroom more enjoyable based on the direction it faces.

Use your phone to take a “Before” picture.

Choose where you want your sunroom installed

Many people wish they took “Before” pictures.  You’ll see how enjoyable it is to sit in your new sunroom and compare the beauty with what was nothing before.

Pictures will also help your next steps:

  1. Help you create a measurement sketch of your desired sunroom.
  2. Allow you to enclose pictures of the site to help with the estimate.

Measure the desired size of your new sunroom.

Measuring Your Sunroom For A Quote

Record the desired dimensions of your new sunroom.  Be sure to capture:

  • Length
  • Projection
  • Height of your sunroom

For all measurements, you are looking for the outmost points.

Make a sketch concept of your new sunroom.

Make a sketch

When measuring, be accurate but don’t worry about pin-point precision – your measurements will serve as a “Guesstimate for the Estimate”.

When you choose to move forward, we’ll actually come and measure the site for you.

Submit your design.

online quote form

Use the online estimate form below to submit your design.

The form will allow you to send images including pictures of your sketch(es).   You’ll need to make sure the images exist on the device you’re using to fill out the form.

Be sure to note additional details you feel you would like us to include in your estimate.

Short Phone Call Estimate.


We’ll call you for a short conversation regarding your choice in materials.  (Choices in materials affect the price).

Based on the materials you choose, we’ll provide you a “ballpark estimate” and also answer any questions you may have.

Site Visit

2nd Measurement

If the estimate falls within your budget, we’ll attend your home for a site visit.

The purpose of the site visit is to show you different types of glazings, colours and options available to you for your sunroom.  You’ll see exactly how the glazings look against sunlight so you’ll see exactly what you’re buying.

We’ll also remeasure the area to ensure our calculations are in good agreement prior to manufacture.

This is the time to decide whether you prefer professional installation or if you want to build the sunroom yourself.  If requested, we’ll provide you a quote for installation.

Receive CAD drawings for your approval.

2nd Measurement

When you’re ready to move forward, you’ll place a deposit on your sunroom and your deposit is sent to the factory for CAD drawings will be created.

You’ll have the ability to make changes to the plans as desired, including the placement of windows and doors until you’re satisfied.

Timelines to receive CAD drawings are typically 7 days but may be higher during peak times.

Manufacturing of your sunroom begins.

aluminum manufacturing

Once you’re satisfied with the plans, manufacturing begins.  It takes approximately 7 days to produce the framework and crate the room for shipping.

While in the process of manufacturing you’ll use the plans you’ve commissioned to obtain a building permit (if required).

Your sunroom gets shipped.

Capital Sunrooms Shipping

Your room will arrive within 30 days of product approval.

Once delivered, a cheque for the balance on the sunroom is due.

Your sunroom gets installed.

construction crew
If you’re installing yourself, you’re on your way. 

If we’re installing for you, the installation will begin usually within 24-48 hours of delivery.

For 3 season rooms, patio covers and screen rooms, installation is usually done within 3 days or less.

We complete and cleanup your new sunroom.

Completed Sunroom
Your sunroom is almost ready!

We want to make sure you’re happy with the installation and workmanship.

We’ll clean up the mess, clean the windows and prepare your new sunroom for your first look at your finished product.

Congratulations!  It’s time to enjoy your new sunroom!

Couple enjoying their new sunroom

Congratulations and great choice!

Because your sunroom was engineered and manufactured to fit your home (unlike pre-fab kits), it’s guaranteed to function without leaks or defects.

If you’re like most customers, you’ll remark that the real thing is so much nicer than the pictures.  That means peace of mind and bragging rights to your neighbours.


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