Build Now For The Summer

Have your sunroom for the summer season.  Start your build now.

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To have your new sunroom for the entire summer this coming season, start your build now.  As the weather warms, you’ll have a head-start on enjoying the room while others will wait in line for their builds.

Starting sooner is everyones wish.

We’ve never had a customer say “I wish I waited before starting to build”.  But almost all customers say two things:

  1. These are wayyyy nicer than the pictures.
  2. I wish I had started this sooner.

Shopping for your sunroom in the early first months of the year is the best time because you’ll be among the first in line for your build.

And, depending on your choice, you could have your sunroom built before, during or after your winter vacation.

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This sunroom is ready for family this Easter Season.  Definately ready for entertaining by mid to end of spring for the rest of the sunroom season.

Why Wait?

Think about where you'd like your sunroom installed

Picture your sunroom and start your shopping here:


  1. Ron and Deb Smith

    Hi there,

    We’re looking for prices and don’t see any on your website. Could you tell us how we go about pricing an Edwardian sunroom for our cottage?

    • Capital Sunrooms

      Hello Ron and Deb.

      Thanks for reaching out. There are no prices on our website because all work we do is custom and requires an estimate.

      Different sizes of rooms, materials, build options and site location all play a part in the estimate.

      We can certainly guide you with your purchase and help you get the best of what you want for the best price. The first thing I’d recommend is to provide measurements for the desired size and type of room you’d like.

      You can submit the details here:

      Once we receive your details, we can provide you with an estimate.

      Does that work?


      • Ron and Deb Smith

        Yes will do – thank you


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