Bronze Sunroom – Ottawa South End

Have You Considered Bronze?

Our clients wanted a room they could enjoy where they could feel like they were outside but without all the bugs.  They also wanted a room between the home and the outside where they could bring in their dog in the winter without tracking dirt and mud into the home.

Once the sunroom was built, they ended up using the room for themselves and spend A LOT of time in it.  Some unique features regarding this build include walls with unique contours and edges that required special framing to achieve the flat surfaces required for sunroom construction.


Easy Construction

If you’re considering a do-it-yourself installation, this video shows you how simple it is.  Stephanie, our office manager, saw how much fun the guys were having at work and wanted to try participating in constructing a room herself.  You can see her in this video as this is her first build.  You’ll also notice that for a lot of the build, only a single person is required.


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